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(DAY 3) Content We Consume

· One min read
Gaurav Parashar

Daily Content Stream

It is estimated that we consume roughly 34 gb data and information a day and it has been increase exponentially. If we are not mindful, no wonder we forget stuff. Be it forgetting the airpods, that happened this morning for me or forgetting your friend's birthday. We need to consciously choose what we consume to improve daily life.

What content do I consume frequently?

  1. Music via Spotify
  2. Netflix and YouTub on TV
  3. Reading via paperback or Kindle
  4. Push marketing like advertising in lift lobby, on internet

Saying No

A few areas which I have struggled to completely streamline are:

  • Giving up on my TV, I successfully gave up the tablet in January 2023. I gave it to my mother.
  • Fine tuning Spotify to suggest music which drives me to a flow state