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(DAY 46) My first 5 km swim

· 2 min read
Gaurav Parashar

Swimming Endurance

One of major activities I have been doing since the last 12 months is Swimming. Building endurance while swimming has been a major training goal for me i.e. I consciously did not want to be a fast swimmer but a swimmer who could regulate heart rate and breathing effortlessly to do long sessions.

5 km swim session

After a 4 km swim on 2nd April 2023, I decided to do 5 km on Sunday - 9th April 2023. Sundays work better than Saturdays as Mondays are rest day for me as well as scheduled maintenance of the Swimming pool.

Swimming and heart rate

Swimming is a great form of cardiovascular exercise that helps improve heart health. Swimming is also a low-impact exercise, making it a great option with low chances of joint pain or injuries.

Heart Rate over 5 km swim, Gaurav Parashar

Stats of heart rate modulation during the session:

Heart Rate Zones over 5 km swim, Gaurav Parashar

Stats of my first 5 km swim:

  • Time: 2 hours and 41 seconds
  • Distance: 5 km
  • Average SWOLF: 37

Breaking down the stats:

  • I am satisfied with the average speed and pace
  • I am happy with the average SWOLF
  • I am happy with the heart rate modulation over the duration of the entire swim

Gaurav Parashar - 5 km swim stats, Gurgaon 2023

Swimming to Running Ratio

I am not a runner (yet) but suggested comparisons of How Much Swimming is Equivalent to Running? call out a generic 4:1 golden ration for running:swimming.

i.e. 5 km swimming = 20 km running

5 km swim in 2 hours and 41 seconds, Gurgaon 2023

Swimming is an activity that brings me great joy and fulfillment. As I look to the future, I hope to continue swimming as a regular part of my life. Not only does it provide a great workout for my body, but it also helps me to clear my mind and reduce stress.