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(DAY 262) The Essence of Choti Diwali

· 2 min read
Gaurav Parashar

In the heart of festive lights, when the moon is but a crescent, Lies a day, less sung, yet bright, known as Choti Diwali, resplendent.

A prelude to the grandeur, Diwali's little sibling in time, It sparkles in its own allure, setting the stage for the sublime.

Diyas: The Beacons of Hope and Light

In every nook, in every lane, small lamps begin their dance, Diya's flame, a silent bane, against darkness's vast expanse. These tiny lights, in rows so neat, whisper tales of hope and might, In their glow, hearts skip a beat, painting dreams in golden light.

Mithai: The Sweetness of Tradition

Sweets, oh mithai, in platters laid, a symphony of taste and color, Gulab jamun, barfi's parade, in sweetness, there is no other. Each bite a burst of joy and cheer, a celebration of life's flavor, In Choti Diwali's ambiance dear, mithai is a delight to savor.

Patakha: The Echo of Festivity

And in the skies, patakhas roar, echoing the joy below, A spectacle of sound and color, in the festive night's glow. Though brief their burst, their message clear, life is a moment's flicker, Choti Diwali, year by year, makes our collective heartbeats quicker.

Relevance: The Heart of Choti Diwali

Not just a day for lights and play, but a moment of reflection, A pause before the grand display, a link to the past's connection. It's in these small, quiet joys we find, the essence of our culture's story, Choti Diwali, in heart and mind, a preface to Diwali's glory.