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(DAY 50) Apple Airpods Pro build quality

· 2 min read
Gaurav Parashar

Incidents with devices

Incidents and accidents happen with devices all the time. Some days the phone slips from my hand or earphones fall out of pocket or I spill water on the laptops. Such incidents are mostly avoidable and are upsetting in nature. Sometimes they cost time and money, sometimes I get lucky.

Airpods in black coffee

Today afternoon, I grabbed a black coffee from the office vending machine and kept it lid open on my desk. I was looking at my screen and picked up the right airpod. I was going to listen to some music. Next thing I know, it slipped out of my hand and feel right into the cup of hot coffee straight out of the vending machine.

Coffee is best served at a temperature between 155ºF and 175ºF (70ºC to 80ºC). Coffee straight out of machine is usually around 95ºC. It took me a couple of seconds to realize what had happened. I flinched, and thought of my next move. In another couple of seconds, I rushed to the nearest sink to take the airpod out. While throwing away the coffee, I could see the steam from it. Along with the steam, my hope of the airpod surviving were evaporating.

I had the airpod in my hand and I curbed my reflex to wash it with water. Wrapping it in a paper tower, I checked for any residual coffee. Wiped fully, I went back to my desk. It was the moment of truth, and to my delight, they were still working.

Companies and trust

Incidents like these build trust in a brand and company. It influences future decisions and since it is personal, it will be registered in my memory. The next I am in the market for earphones, Apple already has an edge, thanks to this incident.