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(DAY 28) Earthquake Tremors in Delhi NCR

· One min read
Gaurav Parashar

Earthquake on 21-Mar-2023

Around 10:30 PM last night, my bed started shaking. I was reading Way of the Wolf in bed on my Kindle and felt them. It took a few seconds to orient and realize that they were earthquake tremors being felt across Delhi NCR. Tweets from people were witty even during the confusion after the tremors.

I live in an apartment complex, and 10 seconds into the tremors, I thought of leaving my bed and going down using the stairs and away from the buildings. It was a deer in the spotlight moment for me and after a few seconds, I decided to stay inside. Attached are the tips for Earthquake Safety for Apartments.

Today morning, I marvel at the limitlessness of nature and the random iterations that happen daily. As much as we dig ourselves in our daily routine, digital life and alternate reality. The nature has its ways of surprising us and unfortunately at times, destroying us. Every day of life, breath and mindfulness is a gift from the nature - cherish it.