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(DAY 76) Standardization vs Average Quality

· 2 min read
Gaurav Parashar

Standardization of products

The life of middle class India has transformed in the last 15 years. The standardization of products have compressed costs massively. Add to it, the growth in income, more people are able to afford a lot more products.

I tend to 'splurge' for convenience. I'll pay a lot to not waste time.

Standardization of services

With Uber & Ola, we have standardized cab experience. With Urban Company, we have standardized AC and home cleaning experience. While they are great services, I share my sentiment about Finding a Taxi by Kunal Kamra.

How many of us love the experience of Blu over Uber due to the quality of cars?

With the convenience & goodness of an app comes the stagnation of average quality. Local experts who provide high quality & nuanced services stand out.

The standardization of service can sometimes lead to a reduction in quality. When businesses strive for consistency and efficiency by implementing standardized processes and procedures, it can inadvertently result in a decline in the quality of the service provided. Standardization often focuses on streamlining operations, minimizing variations, and increasing productivity, which can overlook the individual needs and preferences of customers. This can lead to a lack of personalization and a diminished customer experience. Additionally, standardized services may prioritize speed and cost-effectiveness over delivering exceptional quality, leading to a compromise in the overall value provided to customers. It is crucial for businesses to strike a balance between standardization and maintaining a high level of quality to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

I recently got AC servicing done via Urban Company and found the experience average at best. Of course they have standardized the experience and compress costs, but by design, Experts would not stick around on the platform or marketplace. They will command a premium for their additional efforts and skill.