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(DAY 24) Gloaming in the day

· One min read
Gaurav Parashar


How many sunsets have you lived? - I asked this question to myself. And no, it is not a rhetorical question. I remember some distinct evenings when I was mindful and present. It felt like time has gone still and nature so serene. Sunset are reminder of rhythms in life - the cycle of rise, shine, set and repeat.

I do hope to observe sunsets more frequently. I do not need to be on a beach to do that. Only need to be present in the moment and look at the marvel of nature and its rhythms.

Chasing Daylight

Eugene O'Kelly, talks about gloaming in his book Chasing Daylight.

The last rays of light and the shadows that fall just before the gloaming that follows. Gloaming is when shadows disappear. It’s not completely dark yet, but there are no more shadows. Gloaming is what separates day from night.