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(DAY 102) Meeting old college friends

· 2 min read
Gaurav Parashar

College friends

My uncle, Ashutosh Pathak and my father Abhay Parashar are junior and senior from Govind Ballabh Pant University.

At my cousin's wedding yesterday, many old friends of my uncle and father met after a long time. There's something magical about reconnecting with old friends, especially those from our formative years. After almost four decades, the opportunity to meet and reminisce with friends from engineering college is a truly remarkable experience.

Journey Down Memory Lane

Reuniting with college friends transports them back to a time when they were young, full of dreams, and eager to conquer the world. As conversations unfold, anecdotes and shared experiences resurface, breathing life into forgotten tales. Laughter ensues as they relive the pranks, late-night study sessions, and adventures that once defined the college years.

The friends you make in college are friends you’ll have for life, even if you don’t talk for years at a time.

Reflecting on Life's Twists and Turns

As they engaged in heartfelt conversations, they discover the various paths friends have traversed. Some may have pursued illustrious careers, while others may have embraced different passions and pursuits. Each story is a testament to the diversity of life's choices and the resilience of the human spirit.

Meeting old friends from engineering college after nearly four decades is a rare and precious occasion. It offered them a chance to relive cherished memories, reconnect with kindred spirits, and appreciate the twists and turns that life has taken.

Ashutosh Pathak and Abhay Parashar, Delhi June 2023