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(DAY 59) 30km running this week

· One min read
Gaurav Parashar

Running on treadmill

I started the week with a resolve to run 10km in one session. I ended up doing 30km run in 5 sessions. I feel super happy about it considering it has been my first week of running in 2023. I can feel that I have built stamina, thanks to swimming.

Running on treadmill is different and harsh on the knees. But in the heat of Jaipur, it is the best bet unless you are running at 5 am each day.

30km running

I ended up running the following:

Sunday 16th April 2023 - 5 km in 34:28 Monday 17th April 2023 - 5 km in 34:01 Tuesday 18th April 2023 - 5 km in 34:52 Wednesday 19th April 2023 - 10 km in 71:48 Thursday 20th April 2023 - 5 km in 29:23

I am glad that I took the weekly pass and ended up initiating a new exercise. I hope to have atleast a few more weeks like this in 2023.