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(DAY 93) Furlenco's disappointing customer service and technological mishaps

· 2 min read
Gaurav Parashar

Moving to a new city is an adventure that often entails furnishing a new living space. Seeking convenience and flexibility, I opted for the Furlenco Unlmtd plan upon shifting to Gurgaon in 2021. Today, I am sharing my experience with Furlenco's customer support, their unfair refund practices, and the persistent technological challenges that plagued their app and website. As an early adopter of the Furlenco Unlmtd plan, my hopes were dashed as I encountered numerous obstacles along the way.

The Promise of Furlenco Unlmtd

When I first subscribed to the Furlenco Unlmtd plan, I was enticed by its unlimited furniture rental option, providing the flexibility to change and upgrade my furniture as needed. The convenience of hassle-free renting, combined with a curated selection of furniture, seemed like the perfect solution for my furnishing needs.

Technological Mishaps

Furlenco's technological infrastructure proved to be unreliable. Their app and website frequently encountered glitches and errors, making it a cumbersome experience to manage my subscription, schedule deliveries, or even browse through their furniture catalog. The persistent issues with their technology undermined the convenience they promised and left me feeling helpless in my attempts to resolve any issues.

Customer support woes

Perhaps the most exasperating aspect of my experience was dealing with Furlenco's customer support. Upon reaching out for assistance, I encountered long wait times, unresponsive representatives, and a lack of empathy towards my concerns. The inability of their customer support team to effectively address my grievances only added to my growing frustration.

My experience with Furlenco's Unlmtd plan, customer support, and technological mishaps has been a challenging one. From encountering unfair refund practices upon cancellation to grappling with persistent glitches in their app and website, my hopes for a seamless and convenient furniture rental experience were shattered. As an early adopter, I expected better treatment and a smoother journey. Through this ordeal, I urge others to approach such services with caution, conducting thorough research and weighing all aspects before making a commitment. Transparency, fairness, and robust technological infrastructure are vital components of a reliable and customer-centric service, and sadly, Furlenco fell short in these areas.