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(DAY 158) Satisfying 1-Hour Treadmill Walk - Embracing Incline, Audiobooks, and the Joy of Reading

· 3 min read
Gaurav Parashar

Yesterday, I decided on doing a one-hour walk on the treadmill that left me invigorated and satisfied. Instead of opting for a run, I decided to do something different like by walking on an incline. I walked on the incline, listened to an audiobook, and this combination worked quite well.

The Treadmill Walk: Choosing Incline over Running

Choosing to walk on an incline rather than running was a conscious decision to challenge my muscles differently and maintain a steady pace. Walking on an incline engages more muscle groups, particularly the glutes, hamstrings, and calves, making it an effective low-impact workout. This also puts less strain on the joints, which is especially beneficial for people like me who occasionally experience knee discomfort during high-impact exercises. I have been feeling a slight discomfort in my left knee especially after 5 kms of running.

Listening to Audiobooks while walking

Listening to an audiobook via Audible during my treadmill walk is enjoyable. Unlike running, where the intensity and heavy breathing can distract from the audio, walking at a moderate pace allowed me to fully immerse myself in the story. The rhythmic motion of walking created a calming environment, making it easier to concentrate on the narrator's voice and the unfolding chapters. It felt like I was merging the worlds of literature and fitness, turning a mundane workout into a delightful journey of the mind.

The Science Behind Audiobooks and Walking

Scientifically, the combination of audiobooks and walking proves to be a winning formula. Studies have shown that moderate-intensity exercises, such as walking, release endorphins in the brain, which leads to an improved mood and enhanced cognitive function. This increased cognitive function is thought to be related to a greater ability to focus and retain information, making it ideal for activities like listening to audiobooks.

On the other hand, running is a higher-intensity exercise that triggers the release of cortisol, often referred to as the stress hormone. This hormone can affect cognitive performance and reduce attention to external stimuli, such as an audiobook. The combination of heavy breathing and increased heart rate during running may divert attention away from the audio content, leading to a less immersive experience compared to walking.

Safari's Reading Mode

In the last quarter of my walk, I read two articles using Safari's reading mode. Safari's reading mode is a lot better than chrome. It eliminates distractions and presents the content in a clean, easy-to-read format.

The Blogs I Explored

The first blog I read focused on higher education in India. It provided insightful perspectives on the challenges faced by the education system and offered potential solutions to improve the quality of learning and accessibility for all.

The second blog, 100 Tips for a Better Life was a treasure trove of practical advice, covering various aspects of personal development, happiness, and well-being. From mindfulness techniques to time management strategies, the blog encompassed a wide array of tips that left me feeling inspired and motivated to implement positive changes in my life.

My one-hour treadmill walk, accompanied by an audiobook and challenging incline, proved to be an immensely rewarding experience. The science-backed benefits of walking and audiobooks demonstrate the power of this combination in enhancing focus and enjoyment during workouts. All in all, it was an hour well-spent, combining physical and mental exercises to enrich both body and mind.