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(DAY 107) Humko Mann Ki Shakti Dena

· 2 min read
Gaurav Parashar

There are certain childhood songs that hold a special place in our hearts and continue to resonate with us throughout our lives. One such song that embodies timeless wisdom and meaning is Humko Mann Ki Shakti Dena. This beautiful Hindi prayer song, often sung during times of struggle or seeking inner strength, carries profound significance in our daily lives.

The Essence of Humko Mann Ki Shakti Dena

Humko Mann Ki Shakti Dena is a prayer for inner strength, courage, and determination. It acknowledges that life can present challenges and hurdles, but with the power of a resilient mind, we can overcome them and find solace.

Meaning in Daily Life

  1. Resilience in Difficult Times: The song reminds us that difficulties are a part of life's journey. In times of adversity, we can draw upon the power of our minds to remain steadfast and resilient. It encourages us to face challenges head-on and find the strength within to persevere.

  2. Seeking Inner Peace: "Humko Mann Ki Shakti Dena" acknowledges the importance of finding inner peace and tranquility amidst the chaos of daily life. It serves as a reminder to nurture our minds, cultivating positivity, and seeking solace within ourselves.

  3. Overcoming Fear and Doubt: The song encourages us to conquer our fears and doubts. It instills the belief that our minds have the power to dispel negativity, bolstering our confidence and enabling us to navigate uncertain situations with clarity and conviction.

  4. Cultivating Self-belief: "Humko Mann Ki Shakti Dena" emphasizes the significance of self-belief. It urges us to trust in our abilities and embrace the power within us. By harnessing our inner strength, we can overcome self-doubt, embrace our potential, and accomplish great things.

  5. Connecting with Spirituality: The song carries a spiritual undertone, reminding us of our connection to a higher power. It serves as a reminder to seek guidance, strength, and clarity from within and from the divine source.

मुश्किलें पड़े तो हम पे इतना करम कर

साथ दे तो धरम का चले तो धरम कर

खुद पे हौसला रहे बड़ी से ना डरे

दूसरों की जय से पहले खुद को जय करे

हम को मन की शाक्त देना मन विजय करे

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