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(DAY 15) Why and why not?

· 2 min read
Gaurav Parashar

Hard to reverse progress

A sign of highly intelligent people is that they ask the question - Why? - very frequently. The topic could be money, progress, learning, lifestyle, relationship or self. Changing yourself and making new habits stacks high up in the first decile i.e. 0 to 10 percentile. Also, they consistently ask the question - Why? - instead of - Why not?

Answering the question - Why?

You will have to think deep and long to answer the why type questions. A few questions of this kind would be:

  • Why should I hire this person?
  • Why should I attend this meetup or party?
  • Why should I read everyday?

Answering the why question is personal and individualistic. While answering it, you remind yourself about your preferences, goals and principles. If you are honestly answering your why and following up with answers. You will be more satisfied in the activity.

Answering the question - Why not?

Either we or people around us ask the why not type question. A few questions of this kind would be:

  • Why not grow the business faster?
  • Why not have a long night?
  • Why not to watch the next episode on Netflix?

Answering the why not question is backward thinking. While answering it, you argue in head altruistically. Answering a why not honestly can lead to dilemma, disagreement and discontentment.

Finding the why around your daily time spent is a great way to know yourself better Since 2021, I have started enjoying and taking more decisions around the why type questions over the why not type questions.