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(DAY 42) Focus during illness

· One min read
Gaurav Parashar

Focus during illness

The body during routine illness like flu is under stress. Usual symptoms like sneezing, cough or body ache - though routine - lead to a dip in focus. The ability to focus on a complex topics reduces and deep work is difficult. A lot it can be attributed to the medication which induces drowsiness and lack of quality sleep.

Hacks that work for me

If working from office, the following helps:

  • Cut short your work day by 50% i.e. take a half day and focus only on urgent and important work.
  • Start after breakfast and delay the lunch a bit. Avoid coffee is you can.
  • Take break every 30 minutes and reorient towards urgent and important work.

If working from home, the following helps:

  • Do not work from the bed, only work from a table and chair.
  • Keep a clip pad or notebook and strike off things that you complete.
  • Put on some music and ensure adequate sunlight.
  • Work in a one burst of 6 hours and then do not open laptop unless the world is falling apart
  • Be gentle and kind, enjoy the sick leave.