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(DAY 252) Halloween in India

· 2 min read
Gaurav Parashar

Halloween, once largely an American tradition, has found a place in the hearts of many in India, especially among kids from metropolitan schools. Influenced by peers and the allure of dressing up, Halloween is becoming a festively spooky occasion celebrated in different corners of the country.

The Growing Appeal of Halloween in India

The fascination for Halloween in India primarily stems from kids attending schools in metropolitan cities. With friends and peers talking about costumes, candies, and the thrill of the holiday, it's not surprising that Halloween's popularity has grown.

Trick or Treat, Indian Style

Just yesterday, in the bustling city of Gurgaon, kids dressed in a variety of costumes were out on the streets, enthusiastically going door to door, and asking the classic question, "Trick or treat?" While the festive spirit was palpable, I was faced with an unexpected dilemma—I had no candies to offer.

An Unexpected Encounter

As I opened my door to a group of eager trick-or-treaters, the expressions on their faces ranged from excitement to curiosity. Dressed as witches, superheroes, and spooky creatures, they were in high spirits. However, I had to regretfully admit that I had no candies to share, leaving them empty-handed.

Halloween's Place in a Diverse India

The celebration of Halloween in India reflects the country's rich cultural diversity. Just as India is known for its colorful festivals and traditions, Halloween has found its unique niche. It offers kids and adults alike the chance to explore a different kind of festivity, one that embraces costumes, decorations, and a sprinkle of spookiness.

In many ways, Halloween's presence in India showcases the country's readiness to adopt and adapt to various cultures and festivities. It's a beautiful example of how people from different backgrounds can come together to celebrate and enjoy a shared experience, even if they don't have a historical connection to the holiday.

Halloween in India is more than just a borrowed tradition; it's an illustration of India's multicultural fabric. Kids in metropolitan areas are enthusiastically embracing the festivities, sharing in the excitement of dressing up, and partaking in the classic "Trick or Treat" tradition. As Halloween's popularity continues to grow in India, it offers yet another opportunity for individuals of diverse backgrounds to come together, learn from one another, and experience the thrill of a holiday that knows no boundaries.