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(DAY 274) From academia to politics - the elite minds in Rajasthan's State Elections

· 2 min read
Gaurav Parashar

In the dynamic landscape of Indian politics, the allure of power attracts individuals from diverse backgrounds, transcending the conventional realms of social science education. As the upcoming Rajasthan State Elections draw near, it is fascinating to observe how people with strong educational foundations, primarily unrelated to politics, make their foray into the political arena. Today I was reminded of the journey of three remarkable individuals with whom I share a small degree of separation, all set to play pivotal roles in the Rajasthan State Elections.

  1. Rakhee Rathore - A Mathematician in the Political Arena

My former mathematics teacher at Bansal Classes Jaipur, Rakhee Rathore, has stepped beyond the realms of quadratic equations to become the spokesperson for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Her involvement in Jaipur politics is a testament to the diverse paths that lead individuals to serve their communities, proving that mathematical prowess can translate into effective governance.

  1. Gourav Vallabh - From XLRI Professor to Congress Spokesperson

Gourav Vallabh, the National Spokesperson for the Indian National Congress, is not just a political face but also a relative of my relative. Having been a professor at XLRI, his transition from academia to active politics reflects the multidimensional capabilities that individuals bring to the table. Contesting from Udaipur, Vallabh brings a unique perspective to political discourse.

  1. Deepak Karwasara - IIMB Alumnus and BJP Candidate from Barmer

Deepak Karwasara, my classmate from IIM Bangalore, has taken a plunge into electoral politics as the BJP candidate from Barmer. His journey exemplifies the potential for leadership and governance that extends beyond the realms of traditional political backgrounds. From the hallowed halls of an elite business school to the heart of Barmer politics, Karwasara is poised to make a difference.

The Small World Phenomenon

It's a small world indeed, as these familiar faces from various facets of life converge in the political arena. The multidisciplinary backgrounds of Rathore, Vallabh, and Karwasara underscore the interconnectedness of different spheres, making it clear that individuals from diverse walks of life can contribute significantly to the political landscape.

As the elections approach, it is heartening to witness familiar faces stepping up to the challenges of governance. Rakhee Rathore, Gourav Vallabh, and Deepak Karwasara have embarked on journeys that exemplify the diversity of talent that our educational institutions cultivate. I extend my heartfelt best wishes to them in their electoral endeavors and related activities.