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Gaurav Parashar

Startup Founder, Ex-(Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, IIT Bombay and IIM Bangalore)

Gaurav Parashar is a successful business leader and entrepreneur with a strong educational background. He is an alumnus of two of India's premier institutions, the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

After completing his studies, Gaurav began his career at Deutsche Bank in Mumbai & New York, where he worked as a financial analyst. He then moved on to Goldman Sachs in London, where he spent several years in the trading division.

Throughout his time at these prestigious firms, Gaurav developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the financial industry. He gained valuable insights into the inner workings of the banking and investment sectors, and learned how to navigate the complexities of the global financial system.

Despite his success at Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs, Gaurav felt a strong desire to pursue his own entrepreneurial ambitions. In 2018, he co-founded, a platform that helps students in India find and compare various test preparation options, such as coaching classes and online courses. has since grown into a successful and influential company, with a user base of millions of students and a strong presence in the Indian education market. Gaurav has played a crucial role in the company's growth and development, using his financial expertise and business acumen to guide strategic decision-making and drive innovation.

In addition to his work at, Gaurav is also a mentor and advisor to several other startups and emerging businesses. He is highly respected in the entrepreneurial community for his wisdom and guidance, and is often sought out for his insights and advice on a wide range of topics related to business and finance.

Overall, Gaurav Parashar is a highly accomplished and respected professional with a strong track record of success in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds. His extensive experience and knowledge make him a valuable asset to any organization, and his dedication and drive have helped him to achieve numerous accolades and accomplishments throughout his career.