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(DAY 153) Unveiling the Social Experiment - 5 months of daily posts

· 3 min read
Gaurav Parashar

In late February 2023, I started a unique social experiment, vowing to share my daily fitness statistics of swimming and running with my social network on Instagram and Whatsapp. For 150 consecutive days, I diligently posted updates on my progress, occasionally supplementing them with personal pictures. This experiment offered fascinating insights into the dynamics of social media and its impact on both content creators and consumers. Today, I share my learnings from the experiment, highlighting the addictive nature of daily posting, the role of dopamine, offline conversations, and the valuable encouragement received from a few friends. Moreover, I plan to observe my own behavior as I step away from posting on social media while continuing my daily blogging journey.

The Experiment Unveiled: Learnings and Observations

1. Content Consumption vs. Production

One of the most eye-opening discoveries during this experiment was the vast disparity between content consumption and production in the realm of social media. It became evident that people tend to consume content far more than they contribute to it. My daily fitness updates garnered significant attention and engagement, with friends and acquaintances expressing interest in my progress. This observation highlights the importance of acknowledging and appreciating content creators who invest time and effort into sharing valuable information and experiences.

2. The Addictive Nature of Daily Posting

As the days progressed, I found myself becoming increasingly invested in the habit of daily posting. Sharing my fitness stats became a ritual that provided a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. This phenomenon can be attributed to the "dopamine kick" associated with receiving positive feedback and engagement from friends and followers. The desire to maintain this sense of achievement became a driving force behind my daily posts.

3. Offline Conversations Sparked by Online Posts

My consistent daily updates sparked numerous conversations offline among friends and family. It was heartening to learn that my posts inspired others to discuss their fitness goals and share their journeys with me. The experiment served as a catalyst for meaningful discussions beyond the virtual realm, reinforcing the potential of social media to connect individuals and foster real-life interactions.

4. Encouragement and Motivation from a few

Among the many who viewed my daily fitness updates, a handful of friends took the initiative to encourage and motivate me to persevere in my fitness pursuits. Their support was a powerful reminder of the positive impact we can have on each other's lives through genuine engagement and kindness. These five individuals served as valuable pillars of encouragement throughout the experiment.

Encouragement and Motivation

Moving Forward: Observing My Behavior

As the 150-day mark of my social experiment approaches, I have decided to take a step back from daily posting on social media. However, my journey does not end here. I will continue my daily blogging efforts to share my experiences, insights, and progress in my fitness journey and other aspects of life. The 150-day social experiment exploring the sharing of daily fitness stats on social media has been a remarkable journey. It provided insights into content consumption, the allure of daily posting, the role of dopamine, and the potential of online interactions to stimulate offline conversations. Moreover, the encouragement and motivation from a few friends made this experiment even more meaningful. As I transition away from daily social media posting and focus on blogging, I look forward to observing my own behavior and deepening my understanding of the dynamics between the digital and real worlds.