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(DAY 84) Health insurance and associated checkups

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Gaurav Parashar

Health insurance

In India, the importance of health insurance cannot be overstated. With rising healthcare costs and the uncertainty of unexpected medical emergencies, having a robust health insurance policy has become an essential safeguard for individuals and families. Basic tests such as HbA1c, BP and cholesterol conducted regularly will give you all the risk signals.

Health insurance acts as a financial safety net, ensuring that individuals and families can access quality healthcare without incurring exorbitant expenses. It provides coverage for hospitalization, medical treatments, and diagnostic tests, easing the financial burden on policyholders. Health insurance offers peace of mind, knowing that one's health and well-being are protected, and enables timely access to necessary medical care.

Absence of health insurance

The absence of health insurance can pose significant challenges for individuals and families. Without insurance coverage, medical expenses can quickly drain savings and lead to a financial crisis. Many people may resort to inadequate or delayed treatment due to financial constraints, jeopardizing their health and well-being. Health insurance acts as a vital buffer, ensuring that necessary medical interventions are not compromised due to financial limitations.

Annual health checkups

To ensure the well-being of policyholders, insurance companies often conduct annual health checkups. These checkups serve multiple purposes, including assessing the overall health status of individuals, identifying potential risk factors, and establishing a baseline for future comparisons. Insurance companies use this data to understand the health profile of their customers and devise strategies to enhance their experience, such as offering wellness programs or personalized recommendations for healthier lifestyles.

Who collects the sample

My insurer is Aditya Birla and the test was conducted via Visit Health Private Limited. They seem to operate on a similar model for corporates and insurers as ConnectedH. I had talked about it in Conversation with a startup founder. Visit also hosted the final report via a link and communicated with me via email. Overall a neat solution!

Health tests

During annual health checkups, insurance companies typically conduct basic tests that provide valuable insights into an individual's health. Tests such as HbA1c and cholesterol levels help evaluate diabetes risk and cardiovascular health. Although these tests may seem basic, they serve as important indicators of overall well-being. Elevated cholesterol, blood pressure, and random blood sugar levels, even slightly above optimal, can signify the need for lifestyle modifications and further evaluation.

If your recent health checkup, like mine, revealed slightly elevated cholesterol, blood pressure, and random blood sugar levels, it is crucial to prioritize their improvement. Making positive changes in your lifestyle, such as adopting a balanced diet, engaging in regular physical activity, managing stress, and getting adequate sleep, can have a significant impact on these parameters. Consultation with a healthcare professional can provide tailored guidance and support in achieving optimal health. By taking proactive steps towards healthier living and considering the recommendations of healthcare professionals, individuals can pave the way for better health outcomes and a more secure future.

Redacted - Gaurav Parashar - Health Assessment - 17 May 2023

Remember, investing in your health is an investment in a happier and more fulfilling life.