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(DAY 2) Public Writing

· One min read
Gaurav Parashar

Why think with writing?

I have always found writing to a good extension of thinking. Throughout my childhood, I felt super charged when thinking along with writing on paper with a pen/pencil. The process of writing helps me to identify patterns and themes in our thinking that I might not have noticed otherwise, and can lead to new insights and perspectives on ourselves and the world around me.

Paper vs Screen

I find writing on paper more wholesome than writing on a screen. A massive difference in my opinion is the Backspace Effect. Writing on screen can be edited later and at a meta level affects how I think. Writing on paper is deeper as you cannot be distracted from the internet.

Public Writing

Public Writing definitely makes me feel a bit conscious. As a non-social-media individual, I find writing publicly a bit revealing. As they say, if it is meant to be it will be!

PS: Read a well written article on the same topic. It was trending on Hacker News. - Why write?