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(DAY 302) Pigeons - The Rats of the Air

· 2 min read
Gaurav Parashar

Pigeons, often considered the rats of the air, have found a new habitat in our urban spaces, causing a plethora of nuisances for homeowners. While these seemingly innocent birds may appear harmless, their presence can lead to significant health hazards and property damage. Pigeons can become a nuisance and post significant health risks.

The Pigeon Predicament

Pigeons are notorious for their unsolicited visits to our homes, especially flats and houses. Unlike their woodland counterparts, urban pigeons have adapted to living in close proximity to humans. Their roosting habits and lack of proper nesting etiquette make them a serious concern for homeowners.

Health Hazards

Pigeons, like rats, carry a host of health hazards. Their droppings can contain harmful bacteria, fungi, and parasites. The accumulation of pigeon droppings can lead to respiratory issues, skin infections, and even transmit diseases. Moreover, the feathers and debris they leave behind can trigger allergies, making the air inside our homes less than desirable.

Dealing with the Pigeon Plague

1. Bird Netting

One effective method to deter pigeons is the use of bird netting. Install netting around balconies, windows, and other roosting spots to physically prevent pigeons from entering these spaces.

2. Fragrance as a Deterrent

Pigeons have a keen sense of smell, and certain scents repel them. Using fragrances like citrus or pepper can discourage pigeons from roosting in specific areas. Consider placing scented repellents strategically around your home.

3. Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic devices emit sounds that are bothersome to pigeons but are generally inaudible to humans. Install these devices in areas where pigeons frequent to discourage their presence.

A Funny Pigeon Tale

Picture this: A friend installs artificial grass on their balcony to create a cozy space overlooking the kitchen. The pigeons, with their unconventional nesting habits, decide that the artificial grass is the perfect spot to lay their eggs. A hilarious conversation ensues about how the pigeons turned the balcony into their maternity ward, leading to the destruction of the once-pristine artificial grass.

While pigeons might add a touch of urban wildlife to our surroundings, their presence often comes at a cost. From health hazards to property damage, dealing with pigeons requires proactive measures. Implementing bird netting, using fragrances, and exploring other deterrent methods can help maintain a pigeon-free living space. Stay vigilant, and don't let these airborne pests turn your home into their nesting ground.