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(DAY 290) Revving Through Generations - The Love Affair with Bikes in India

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Gaurav Parashar

In India, the love for bikes runs deep, echoing through generations. It's more than just a mode of transportation; it's a cultural phenomenon, an indelible part of the Indian male experience. For many, the desire to own a bike is not merely a personal choice but a legacy passed down from fathers who navigated the bustling streets astride their beloved two-wheelers.

The Inherited Passion

Growing up in India, the rumble of a motorcycle often becomes the soundtrack of one's childhood. Fathers, with wind in their hair and a glint of adventure in their eyes, set the stage for their sons to inherit a passion for bikes. The desire to own a bike becomes a rite of passage, a symbol of freedom and masculinity. This connection becomes so profound that, for many, their journey into the world of bikes starts with memories of riding pillion with their fathers.

My Journey with KTM Duke 200

In the heart of my own biking saga is the purchase of the KTM Duke 200 during my time at IIM Bangalore. The sleek design, powerful engine, and the distinct orange hue of the Duke 200 appealed not just to my need for speed but also to my sense of style. The purchase was not just about acquiring a means of transportation; it was about embracing a lifestyle.

KTM Duke 200, IIMB Days KTM Duke 200, Gaurav Parashar in IIMB

The Cool Factor

When one is young, being on a bike undeniably carries a cool quotient. The wind in your face, the open road, and the unbridled freedom—it's an experience like no other. However, with great freedom comes great responsibility. The love affair with bikes in India is not without its share of challenges, with accidents being a grim reality. The push for driving safety has become imperative, emphasizing the need for responsible biking to ensure both the thrill and safety on the roads.

Evolution of Safety and Bike Quality

Over the years, there has been a remarkable transformation in the safety standards and quality of bikes. Manufacturers are increasingly prioritizing features like anti-lock braking systems (ABS), improved suspensions, and robust build quality. This shift has not only enhanced the riding experience but has also contributed to reducing accidents and fatalities on the roads.

The Midlife Fascination

Even as we enter the realms of midlife, the allure of bikes refuses to wane for many. The mid-30s and mid-40s mark an age where responsibilities might have multiplied, but the spirit of adventure still burns bright. Owning a bike becomes a symbol of reclaiming a piece of one's youth, a tangible connection to the carefree days of adolescence.

In India, the love for bikes is more than a mere mode of transportation; it's a cultural legacy, a cherished tradition passed down through the generations. From the first exhilarating ride as a child to the midlife fascination, the allure of bikes continues to weave its magic. As safety standards rise and bikes evolve, the love affair endures, creating a timeless bond between Indian men and their beloved two-wheelers.