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(DAY 299) Impromptu half marathon in the gym

· 2 min read
Gaurav Parashar

Yesterday marked a significant milestone in my running as I spontaneously embarked on my first half marathon within the walls of the gym. The decision to tackle 21.1 kilometers was impromptu, spurred by a sudden burst of motivation likely influenced by the subconscious absorption of my friends' run updates.

The Impromptu Decision

As I entered the gym, the idea of running a half marathon wasn't part of the plan for the day. However, subconsciously influenced by the achievements of my friends showcased in their run updates, I felt an unexpected surge of motivation. Without second-guessing, I decided to take on the challenge, setting the stage for an unplanned yet fulfilling half marathon.

Gym Half Marathon Gaurav Parashar, 17 December 2023

The Run and Its Aftermath

The 21.1 kilometers unfolded over 2 hours, 5 minutes, and 39 seconds of continuous effort. The physical intensity was undeniable, and as I crossed the finish line, I could feel the stress on my shins and the surrounding muscles. The sheer weight of the distance made its presence known, highlighting the challenge of this endurance feat.

Caloric Burn and Recovery Strategy

The numbers spoke volumes about the intensity of the run: a calorie burn of 1519. In the aftermath, recovery is paramount. I immediately reached for an electrolyte drink to replenish essential minerals, complemented by the intake of carbohydrates through bananas and fruits. A protein shake sealed the recovery plan, and now, the observation of how my body responds to this exertion begins.

The Role of Music

In the midst of the half marathon, music played a crucial role in keeping my momentum alive. As I contemplate future long runs, the idea of curating five running playlists, each around 2 hours in length, emerges. Music not only serves as a distraction but also as a powerful motivator, pushing me through the challenging moments of the run.

The impromptu decision to tackle a half marathon turned out to be a highly rewarding experience. The physical demands were met with determination, and the aftermath serves as a testament to the resilience of the human body.