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(DAY 18) Zeal of the converted

· One min read
Gaurav Parashar

Converting for good

Many a times, we take decisions which are tough, binding and for life time. These are moments of conversion, and if supported by willpower and change of identity, they are permanent. Some examples of converting are:

  • Picking a new hobby - cycling or running
  • Quitting smoking for good
  • Becoming a reader

Zeal of the converted

The process of converting from an old you to a new you is confusing, scary and comes with a lot of temptations. Building a new habit is tough, it is slow and requires an honest conversation with your self. But after you convert, it becomes pride and something you are indeed proud of. The converted you is zealous for the following reasons:

  • It is energizing to do something new, hard and personal.
  • Being successfully on the other side gives you immense confidence and self worth.
  • Having struggled and failed, you are more willing to help others in their journey.

A zealous and converted me talking about morning swimming

Zealous and motivated about swimming