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(DAY 37) Slow it down

· 2 min read
Gaurav Parashar

Slow it down

Slowing things down and reducing the pace is a conscious and effective way to enjoy. Such slowing is usually accompanied by reducing the number of activities you have planned. Enjoying the now, especially slowly, is very satisfying. It helps you focus on the present atomic moment and experience life as you truly should.

You are always in a rush - wanting to be elsewhere. Slow it down, relish what you have now. Be like a child, enjoying the now.

When to slow it down

If you listen to your body and mind, it tells you when to slow down. When you experience fatigue, slowness or burn out - listen to it and take a day off. Sit in the sun or curl in your bed. It is okay, be kind to yourself and switch things down.

You cannot win for long by fighting against your body and mind. Listen to them closely and you will know.

How I slow things down?

I like to do the following to slow it down and energize. They invariably help me in orienting myself:

  • Start a new book.
  • Speak to family over a video call.
  • Go for a long walk and listen to my Liked Songs