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(DAY 25) Attention and time

· 2 min read
Gaurav Parashar

Limited time we have

Everyone has the same time in the day. Passage of time is a crucial aspect of our perception of reality. Some basic facts which I tend to forget regularly:

  • A year is equal to ~8800 hours
  • I sleep ~2600 hours (30% of the time)

The remaining 6200 hours are the experience of reality. Relishing the awake hours is what brings the most joy, satisfaction, happiness to me.


Life on autopilot is default for us with the devices, worries. Giving full attention to the act in hand is difficult but important. It is what makes me feel in the moment and a sense of completeness. A few things I have felt in state of full attention:

  1. During conversations about work, I add more value and solve problems better.
  2. During time with loved ones, I see their perspective better and feel more empathy.
  3. In a day, I feel better if I am spending time mindfully instead of being stuck in busy bandwagon or infinity pools.

Being careful with time

We are all influenced by external forces while lead us to commit time to topics, problems and activities. Mindfully spending your time is the biggest gift you give to yourself on a daily basis.

The lapses in being mindful happen in chunks. I fall off from this mindset for a full day or week. It usually happens along with travel or change of environment. Attention and time become more important and having a routine to reflect upon it is something I would like to include in my schedule.