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(DAY 133) The Joy of Audiobooks

· 3 min read
Gaurav Parashar

Gift-giving is an art, and sometimes, a gift can be more than just a physical object. It can be a thoughtful gesture that enhances our daily lives and opens doors to new possibilities. Recently, I received a gift from my sister-in-law, Avani Parashar, that perfectly embodies this sentiment. She surprised me with an Amazon Echo Dot, and little did she know how much this smart device would resonate with my passions and goals.

The Joy of Audiobooks

As an avid reader, I have always found solace in the pages of a book. However, with a busy schedule, finding the time to sit down and read can be challenging. This is where audiobooks come in, offering the perfect solution. Audiobooks allow me to immerse myself in captivating stories, gain knowledge through non-fiction works, and even learn new languages during my commute or while performing mundane tasks. They provide a way to embrace the power of literature, even when my hands are occupied or my eyes are tired.

Seamless Integration with Audible

What makes the gift even more remarkable is the seamless integration of Amazon Echo Dot with my Audible account. With a simple voice command, I can now access my entire audiobook library, which I have carefully curated over the years. Alexa effortlessly syncs with my Audible account, remembering my preferences, bookmarks, and progress in each book. The ability to start an audiobook on my smartphone and continue seamlessly on the Amazon Echo Dot device is a game-changer. This means I can now enjoy my favorite stories without any interruption, regardless of the device I choose.

Alexa currently has more than 90,000 skills, or abilities contributed by third-party developers — the NPR skill, the Find My Phone skill, the Jeopardy! skill, and so on. Read more

The Thoughtfulness of Gifts

Avani's gift of Amazon Echo Dot truly showcases her thoughtfulness and understanding of my interests. She recognized my passion for reading and my desire to delve deeper into the world of audiobooks. By gifting me Alexa, she has opened up a world of possibilities and made my journey into audiobooks even more enjoyable and convenient. It is an acknowledgment of my goals and a reflection of the bond we share as family.

Does your mind do more or less the same thing when you listening to an audio book and when you read print? Comparing audio books to cheating is like meeting a friend at Disneyland and saying “you took a bus here? I drove myself, you big cheater.” The point is getting to and enjoying the destination. The point is not how you traveled. Read more

Amazon Echo Dot, 2023

Amazon Echo Dot, 2023