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(DAY 67) Swimming in last 3 months

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Gaurav Parashar

Swimming in the last 3 months

I started swimming season from the month Feb 2023 and have completed 3 months. It has been a very enriching and satisfying 3 months with significant growth in my ability to swim.

Swimming (1-Feb-2023 to 30-Apr-2023)Stats
Number of Calendar Days89
Number of Sessions57
Total Swim Distance (km)87.96
Total Swim Time (hours)35:22:41
Avg Swim Distance per session (km)1.54
Avg Swim Time per session (hours)0:37:14
Swim Time per km0:24:08
Longest Streak (18-Mar-2023 to 4-Apr-2023)15 days
Longest Break (16-Apr-2023 to 24-Apr-2023)9 days

Daily swimming chart

Swimming (1-Feb-2023 to 30-Apr-2023)

Daily Swimming Stats Google Sheet. I am grateful for the last 3 months and hope to build upon it in the coming months.