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(DAY 68) Retail shopping at Ambience Mall

· 2 min read
Gaurav Parashar

Ambience mall

Ambience Mall, Gurgaon was opened in 2007. It has a retail floor area of 18 lakhs square feet and has 230+ stores or food outlets and parking for 4000 cars. It is estimated to have an average footfall of ~ 7 lakh people per week in 2016. Located between Delhi and Gurgaon, it hosts major brands and exclusive restaurants.

AOV in malls

Ambience Mall attracts customers with higher AOV and propensity to spend compared to others in Delhi NCR. Compared to the rest of India, it is amongst the top 1% malls of India. Many customers might order the same product online for pricing, convenience or product availability - but they might not order at all before checking out the product in the mall.

Malls vs D2C

As per the report, Beyond E-Commerce 3.0, by 2025 D2C brands are expected to do $50 bn in annual sales (out of which $15 bn via brand’s direct channel) with a base of 350 mn users. Published in Jan 2023, the report equates to Rs 12,000 on an average spent by 350 mn users on D2C brands each year. That's imaginable but optimistic. A very interesting stat to guesstimate is the overall spend of these top 350 mn users via offline channel (malls & stores), e-commerce (Amazon, FlipKart) and D2C.