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(DAY 6) While I wait

· 2 min read
Gaurav Parashar

While I wait

I wait for many chunks of 15 minutes during the day, these slots are not sufficient to start a new task/work but sufficient to engage in superfillers. For example, I might wait during the day:

  • For household helps (cook/maid) to complete their task at hand.
  • A meeting or call to start in 20 minutes
  • A friend is late to meet at the coffee shop


A superfiller is an activity or habit that has the following characteristics:

  1. 10 minute atomic Habit
  2. Asymmetric long term benefits due to daily compounding
  3. Aligned with personal goals

How I wait

I have found a few things to be highly satisfying superfillers. In the last 1 year, the top of my list would be:

  • Reading a few pages of my current book on Kindle while I wait
  • 10 minute meditation while I wait
  • Walk in the office/society/hall while I wait
  • Return calls to friends or family while I wait

While I wait - Meditation at Langkawi Sky Bridge 2022

Meditation at Langkawi Sky Bridge 2022

A unique experience was meditating at Langkawi Sky Bridge - I could feel that the curved cable-stayed bridge vibrates/oscillates ever so slightly.