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(DAY 61) Frequent road accidents

· 2 min read
Gaurav Parashar

Roads accidents in Uttar Pradesh

Today, I got to know about the accident of my cousin's car around Gajraula. Thank god, he was safe and unharmed after the accident. This is the third accident in my extended family around the same area within Uttar Pradesh. In all the three incidents, the airbags were deployed and the car was noticeably damaged.

Typically, a front airbag will deploy for unbelted occupants when the crash is the equivalent of an impact into a rigid wall at 10-12 mph. Most airbags will deploy at a higher threshold — about 16 mph (~25 kmh) — for belted occupants because the belts alone are likely to provide adequate protection up to these moderate speeds.

Expressways and safety

Road safety has been poor in India since I have been driving. Blatant disregard of traffic rules and poor driving etiquettes are common in cities. The new expressways are a lot better to drive upon with clearly marked speed limits, modular flow of traffic, appropriate exits and better lighting. All said, in India, it is your responsibility to anticipate the other person's fault while driving.

Road Accident - Pradeep Parashar - April 2023

Gajraula Road Accident 2023 - Pradeep Parashar